How Well Do You Know Your Compost?

hands_in_compostWell, let me first start by saying, I am sure most of you don’t even have a compost. So my first big message right now is COMPOST COMPOST COMPOST. I am not going to act like a hero here because the truth is, my compost isn’t much, but a little compost can make a big difference. Now you don’t need to have a big stinky compost bin conveniently sitting in your front yard for all your neighbors to complain about, there are other options. One of these option is called NatureMills Compost. This is an awesome compost that can be put right in your home (and I mean indoors!). Now I will be the first one to admit that this product is going to cost you a fair bit of change, but in the long run I think you will definitely find it worth it.

hiw_kitchenThere is 3 easy steps to making this compost work.

1. Add waste items- any time, any day
Add vegetables, coffeegrounds, even dairy meat or fish!

2. The NatureMill compost does the rest.
The upper chamber mixes, heats, and aerates. Compost later transfers to the lower chamber, so you can add fresh items.

3. Remove compost fertilizer
Empty every 2 weeks, when the red light comes on.

Okay so now that you can get a compost without having a big stink pit, lets learn what you can and can’t put in a compost. Write down your answers and I will post them for you in my next entry… orrr just click here for the answers.

Can you compost…

1. Eggs?
2. Lint?
3. Pet Waste?
4. Coffee Grounds?
5. Cheese?
6. Citrus Fruit?
7. Hay?
8. Meat and Fish?
9. Diseased Plants?
10. Fruits and Vegetables?
11. Charcoal Ashes?

The big thing here is that you should use a compost instead of throwing away food. Landfills are one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. I urge you to try to make a compost work, with products like NatureMills compost out there it is easier than you think.


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