Stop Complaining!

299122321_e9c75c89a8It occurred to me today as I was standing in line at Staples that everyone loveesss to complain, and for some reason, everyone thinks there problem is 10x worse than the next. I guess I shouldn’t really talk, I was very frustrated that it was going to take 2 hours to get a few things printed, but then I thought, really, how lucky are we to be able to print things in 2 hours! This brought me to look over the internet to see what people had to think of this subject, and of course, like any topic on the internet, many people had an opinion. I came across this really neat site called A Complaint Free World. On the homepage there is a quote that I love, it said…

If you don’t like something CHANGE IT. If you can’t change it, CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE; don’t complain.”                – Maya Angelou

How true is that quote? (I will come back to this quote at the end of this post) Now this site sells books and bracelets in hopes of making you complain less, but…since I do bring you tips and tricks on a budget I will save you money by telling you to NOT spend money on any more of these bracelet things! (not the best tip right?…) Is it really a difficult concept? I guess it involves us becoming more self-aware, but through all the articles I have been reading about complaining, it seems like people do it because they want someone to listen to them. So here is where I come in!!

The Challenge

  1. Stop Complaining!
  2. Every time you want to complain, write it down, don’t say it or complain to anyone. Make sure you write down the complaints that you thinking about and would not think about saying, because ironically, those are the ones that create the most stress. Write down things like “Ahh my back hurts” or “I do not want to go to work/school today” or “Why is the grocery line taking so long”
  3. At the end of the day, read or reflect on all the complaints you had. Think about how many of those complaints homeless people would make, or hungry people in Africa, or a man or woman who just lost their job and has 5 kids.**** Number 3 can really make you feel like crap, trust me. But its a good crap, its an awareness crap.
  4. Take your list of complaints and submit them anonymously to the comment thread below this posting. Make sure you submit them without your real name (put in your favorite super hero, or famous person). This is your way to release these thoughts without sharing it with anyone.

Does this seem like something you can do? Make it a 1 day challenge, or a 10 day challenge, or make it part of your life.  I am going to start by doing it for 1 week and I hope you all join me. I am not going to tell you what my secret name is (hopefully other people post, or else you will know who I am…haha)

In today society it seems like there is this growing trend to complain about everything, to the point where it seems normal to hear people complain so much. The quote above is so relevant to these times, and perhaps when you look back at your complaints, you might look at them as an opportunity to make a change. Or, you might see that many people have the same complaints, and maybe you have an answer to them, orrr maybe you can just tell them to suck it up princess.

Lets stop complaining (unless it is in a comment below).

I look forward to hearing your complaints so I can feel more normal 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stop Complaining!

  1. Okay, this was funny to me because I can’t believe how many times I complained about food!

    I am hungry
    The water they gave me is too hot
    This is too sweet
    I am tired
    I got mad at my assistant for printing out my documents on single-sided paper
    I don’t want to sit in traffic
    My ankle is hurting

    I thought I was someone who didn’t really complain so I decided to take your challenge. Clearly, I have some things to work on.

  2. I complained about the following:

    – the weather
    – the electricity problems my strata is having
    – my chicken pasta
    – my computer
    – my mailbox key

  3. This is coming from a former staples associate and I can echo all the complaints I would receive from customers. Let me just remind everyone that the people you deal with on a day to day basis at these retailers rarely have any power to make decisions. Often it is some other figure in the sky making the decisions that irritate you so much. The associates are just following instructions so take it easy on them.

    My specialty while working there (further emphasized from doing tech) was dealing with irate customers. I was often the beating boy for copy centre, and the computer section and I will let you guys know that 95% of the time we empathize with you and will try to the best of our ability help you out, we don’t like getting yelled at either. Yelling, intimidating, or belittling us gets many nowwhere so stop complaining and tell us how we can help.

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