No Complaining! Follow Up

This is me complaining because I have been woken up at 5am, to fly to Calgary, paid for by my school... *inset suck it up princess here*

This is me complaining because I have been woken up at 5am, to fly to Calgary, paid for by my school... *insert suck it up princess here*

Hello All,

It is day 2 for my experiment with no complaining. It is actually going fairly good so far. To be honest, and trust me I would rather lie here, I think the main things I have complained about are all so trivial. I noticed that I liked to complain about gas prices, and funny enough, I didn’t even realize how much I was complaining about American Idol. Also, I found myself constantly complaining about being cold, but trust me, when you go to school on the top of a mountain, (my fellow SFUers know what I am talking about) there is a bone chilling cold as soon as you step foot outside, or maybe it is just because I am at school (which is another thing I like to complain about).  As you can see in my picture (yes that is me, horrible picture I know, but I thought I would forgo my pride for the sake of my blog) I HATE waking up super early. I am a night owl, I average going to bed anytime between 2-4am, so this  is another area where I need to stop complaining. Once I realized that I was complaining about small things, I quickly became more self-aware of the comments I was making. I tried to step into someone else’s shoes who would be ecstatic to be able to watch American Idol, it made me feel really bad, but it made me realize that I should just be quiet and watch the show.

So I see a few of you have posted your complaints underneath, and the stats tell me that lots of you have been reading the complaint post too. It has been 2 days since the post, how are you doing?complaints

In my opinion this is a very important skill to master, especially if you want to be someone who cares about the environment or any social causes.  Society likes to think that the best way to deal with global warming is to charge people taxes on carbon, or try to make new products that use less energy, but the core concept here is consuming less. One of the biggest characteristics you must posses in order to consume less is appreciating and realizing what you already have, and a great first step to understanding this concept is complaining less. So if you have been wondering how this ties in to greening your life on a budget, there is your answer!

Let me know how you are doing pleeeaasee! Submit your complaints anonymously, I can see that lots of you are reading this post, but I just cant get any of you to comment! Come on, if I can post such a horrible picture of myself, you can post your common complaints you make below.


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