Green Laundry Mats

First, I need to say thanks to Amanda for giving me the article with this information in it. One big thing I have noticed through the process of writing this blog is that everyone is very helpful. Its wonderful to have all the articles everyone is sending me, but please know, that if I don’t write about something you have sent me, its only because I am only 3/4 machine…so bare with me.

Today we are going to take a look at laundry mats. I will show you how you can make decisions that benefit yourself and the environment when cleaning your clothes.

A few things to point out about dry cleaning:

  • Inhaling the common dry-cleaning solvent perchloroethylene (perc) can cause dizziness, eye and respiratory irritation, and dizziness.  Long-term expose to this chemical can effect the liver, kidney, and has been linked to cancer.
  • Disposing of this chemical is difficult and when done incorrectly, it can contaminate groundwater.  Many laundry mats throwout billions of hangers, plastic clothes covers, lint (remember we can recycle this), dryer sheets, soap boxes, detergent bottles end up in the land fills each year.

So what can you do?

  • Shop around47808-earth-friendly-laundry-detergent
    • Smell your clothes. If they smell like chemicals….RUNNN!!! This not only means that they are not properly maintaining their machines, this also means that they are probably using harmful chemicals.
    • Look for laundry mats that use green products. Any products that have a biodegradable silicon-based solvents or pair liquid CO2 with earth safe detergents.  So to make this simpler, ask what kind of detergent they use and type it in to GoodGuide and see what the rating is. Also, here is a site that lists eco-friendly cleaners (sorry to all my local/Canadian readers, there are only American locations on here)
    • Ask what they recycle. If you don’t want to ask, watch what they do with the lint, bleach bottles, or soap boxes. (yes, this the excuse you have been looking for, you can be a spy!!)
  • Know the regulations
    • If you don’t know the eco-friendly regulations on laundry mats, this is because there is none…and this is clearly the point. If your cleaner claims to be organic and eco-friendly, find out for yourself.
    • Any carbon-based cleaning product is technically organic- including perc, so you might wan’t to not believe everything you hear.
  • Don’t always listen to the labelsweaterlabel
    • Just because it says “dry clean only” doesn’t mean you have to only dry clean it (I guess that is what the label is telling you though…hmmm) Try using woolite on the delicate cycle, or mix baby shampoo with lukewarm warm in your tub.
    • If your  clothes have lining, or angora ( but really, you are a loser if you buy angora, because technically you are wearing rabit, and that is NOT cool) leave it to the cleaners.
  • All that is left is the hangersaa01a03105-hanger
    • Try using compostable hangers, since I know you all have a compost after my other post (righhhttt?), take a look at Wheatware. You can buy 20 hangers for $18.50
    • If you can’t find it in your heart to compost, just try returning your wire hangers for them to reuse.

Okay well now that you know what you can do, laundry away! Hah, I bet that sounds like music to your ears…not. Well, on a positive notes, seeing as we are all NOT complaining this week, you can feel happy that when you are cleaning your clothes you are doing your part to help the environment.

How are you all doing with your NOT complaining? Let me know!


One thought on “Green Laundry Mats

  1. “angora ( but really, you are a loser if you buy angora, because technically you are wearing rabit, and that is NOT cool)”

    Actually, angora comes from rabbits in the same way that wool comes from sheep. Angora rabbits are kind of like an angora cat, in that they have a lot of fur, and enjoy having it brushed, and then you have a brush full of fur, and why not spin it into yarn? Like the goose and the golden eggs, if you kill the animal, you have no more product. So if you are not a vegan, angora is just fine. In my opinion.

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