Carbon Offsets Part 2

Well I am happy to see that quite a few of you clicked on the links to calculate your carbon emissions and footprints! Lets take a look at where you can purchase offsets.

Where should I purchase my offsets?

  • At CarbonZero you can purchase offsets and send them as gifts!
  • Try GreenNexxus, this is another site I  blog on.
  • Or just look on the Carbon Catalogue to see where you can find a carbon offset providor near you.

There are a few standards that exist for carbon offsets, including the VCS, Green-e, and The Gold Standard, and there will be more to come. The WWF recently published a comparison of the most common offset standards, as standards differs in key ways, with some being more rigorous than others.

Who is purchasing offsets?

Many celebrities are jumping on board with the new UK company called Future Forests where they can plant trees to offset the CO2 produced during the filming of their movies. Stars like Brad Pitt are choosing to go carbon neutral in their personal lives to help raise awareness.  But is planting trees really the answer?  Roger Highman from Friend of the Earth says “to deal with the increased carbon dioxide emissions we face over the next half century, you would have to cover Europe — from the Atlantic to the Urals — completely with trees”. Still, he credits the group with raising awareness, saying, “We are going to need the Brad Pitts of the world if we are going to save it from overheating.” Well in my opinion, I think the world could do with a few more Brad Pitts regardless of the climate change problem…..anyways

Companies like HSBC, Vancity, Google, Dell, and even bands like Coldplay and the Rolling Stones have committed to becoming carbon neutral. Hmm I could see my name fitting in there well, HSBC, Vancity, Google, Katelyn Weatherall, Dell, Coldplay…yupp I fit right in!

This is a commercial released by Sky in 2007 shows their commitment to becoming carbon neutral. This commercial is awesome.

Even if you end up just purchasing a few offsets to offset your driving, or your love for meat (yes, eating meat is bad for the environment, check out my other blog postings) you are making a difference, and it does not cost much at all!.

Have any of you ever purchased carbon offsets before? Where did you buy them from?

I hope you liked learning about carbon offsets!


2 thoughts on “Carbon Offsets Part 2

  1. Wow I cant believe that Google was carbon neutral! I had no idea, but that’s fantastic to hear. I think I’m going to scoot over and do my own carbon calculations right now… ugh, I hate to think! I’ve only just started down this green living path, here goes!

    Thanks as always for your very informative posts, you’ve been part of the inspiration for me to begin my own eco journey.

    Eco wannabe 🙂

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