Greenbudget Recap and Lessons For New Bloggers

Hello All,
This blog is for all of you. I am going to quickly recap what GreenBudget has accomplished so far, as well as give tips and tricks for new bloggers. Enjoy!

In 63 days Greenbudget has had:
• 31 blog posts
• 9 information interviews

This has been an amazing experience. When I started blogging, I had no idea what this world was all about, but I quickly learned, this is a community that is very welcoming of new bloggers. I would like to share with you the things I have learned in order to help promote new bloggers, and perhaps even new green bloggers! Here are my top ten tips:

1. Talk to People: In my opinion, the best way to learn how to do something fast, is to talk to someone who already knows what they are doing. I was surprised to see how many people wanted to share ideas with me. Don’t be shy, just email people, let them know you are just starting and you want some help. If you want some help, let me know!

2. Ask People What They Want You to Write About: If any of you have seen my “suggestion for future postings” tab, you will see that very few people wrote things they wanted me to write about. So you are probably asking yourself why I am telling you to do this? When I started, almost every blogger I talked to advised me to ask my readers what they wanted me to write about. Now, I know my readers did not actually post on the page, but some sent me emails to my inbox. Which brings me to my next point…

3. If You Want to Facilitate Discussion, Do Not Disclose Your Email: At first I had no idea why people were sending comments to my email and I felt like somewhere on my blog, I told people to contact me ONLY by my email. I later found out that many bloggers have had the same problem and they suggested that I take it off in order to force people to comment on the site.

4. Post Walmart Articles: You are probably confused right? Funny enough, there are a lot of people out there who have a strong opinion about Walmart, and they are very loyal readers. I get at least 10 hits a day from people searching “Walmart Blog” and they get forwarded to my site. So whatever theme you have for your blog, write one post about Walmart, add a few pictures and you will have an automatic stream of readers!

5. Find A Theme: There are many blogs that have posts about everything! The best way to start is to pick a category, and then pick what you want to do with that category. For example, pick a topic that you are interested in, say baseball. Then, pick what you want to do with baseball…do you want to give stats or updates? or do you want to showcase a new player each week? or do you want to give tips and tricks about how to be a better baseball player? Whatever it is, do not try to tackle to much. Your audience will get lost and lose focus.

6. Vary Your Information and Use Tags:
Your readers will vary in their level of understanding of your topic. Be sure to very your information that you are providing so each segment of readers can enjoy your content. Also, make use of your tags. Tags key words, and make sure to tag names of big companies, celebrities, and hot topics.

7. Network With Your Blog: This is your blog, so use it! Brand your blog so it has you written all over it. Post a link in your signatures in your emails. Put your URL in your resume (trust me, they love this!). When you meet people, tell them you’re a blogger, it really says a lot about you. When you have conversations, throw in a “oh if you’re interested in that, you should check out my blog”. I actually have one guy in my class (shout out Ashish…) who calls me greenbudget, doesn’t really have the ring like “Katelyn” does, but it is an a identity, and I work it!

8. Pick an Easy Blog Name: Now I would suggest to be super creative in your name, but clearly “Greenbudget” isn’t going to win any creativity awards so I will leave that lecture for someone else. What I can say to you is…keep it simple stupid. Don’t spell “fat” like “phat” and don’t add an extra few letters into a new just because the one you originally wanted was taken. Also, make sure it is not too long, ideally, it should be no more 2-3 words. Your first, second, third, and fourth pick for a name will probably be taken, so don’t get discouraged. Find 4 or 5 that work, and ask friends and family to vote and then viola, you have a name!

9. Post on Other Blogs:
Some of my best readers came from me searching to find their blog, reading through several posts, and then commenting on their post and relating in back to my blog (and making them think that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary for them to read my blog).

10. Be Confident, Be you: My last piece of advice is to be confident. When I started this blog, I was not confident in my writing, and I am pretty sure I included no personality in my posts. As time went on, I gained confidence and saw that I had strength in my writing and my personality finally started to show (and I became attached to writing pointless messages in brackets…). If you start writing a post and it is just not coming out….STOP! Some days the juices are just not going to flow and you need to learn to accept this. Try to write every day. I post every second day, but I usually do my research the first day and then write in my second day. If on that second day my writing is just not happening, I take a break and try again, eventually those writer’s blocks go away and you feel a lot more confident.

Okay one last tip I promise…

Try not to let the blog consume you. During this semester my other classes took a backseat to this blog (…and I am kind of regretting it now, whose idea was finals anyways…). Everywhere I went I was thinking of things to blog about, it even got to the point where when I would go hang out with my friends and they would hand me articles to write about. I would even wake up in the morning with articles tapped to my door (thanks dad!) It is an awesome experience, and I love blogging, but make some goals for yourself, and make sure that you set a maximum time per day that you can spend writing and working on your blog.

Well I hope all of this information helped. When I was starting I wish I would of known these things so I thought I would share them with you. Now as I end this post, I will let you all know that I will be taking a break from blogging for a while in order to study for my finals. As I was saying, my other classes have been put on hold and I am paying for it now.

So have a good April my beloved readers!



5 thoughts on “Greenbudget Recap and Lessons For New Bloggers

  1. I had no idea when I issued this challenge that you would take it and run with it so very far. It’s been amazing watching this develop and I’ve learned a ton from it.

    cheers, steph

  2. nice site this rated to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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