Give Up Lint For Lent

This is a pretty simple concept, if you don’t use your dryer, you save electricity, which reduces you electricity bill, but have you ever thought of the other ways it saves you money? When you put your clothes in the dryer you are actually ruining the elastic that holds the clothes together. This means, the […]

Water Heaters, Air Ducts and Lights, Oh my!

Its about 5:00pm and I am sitting on my coach listening to Obama talk in the presidential conference about the recession. I hope all of you who read these postings realize that this blog is a way for you to save money. There seems to be a myth that when you live green, you spend […]

Save 20-25% on your Energy Bill

Hello Again, This has been a very very exciting week. People are starting to read my blog more and more, and now Simon Fraser University may have a chance to challenge another school to see who can be more green. There is soo much to talk about as far as this goes, so when I […]

Futureproof Your House

How to Futureproof your house After talking to an associate at a Colorado based company called Whatsworking I found out many ways to futureproof your house for under $1000. This United States based company provides practical and effective service in policy development, design consultation, and helps businesses incorporate sustainable business practices. What does futureproof mean? […]