Carbon Offsets Part 2

Well I am happy to see that quite a few of you clicked on the links to calculate your carbon emissions and footprints! Lets take a look at where you can purchase offsets. Where should I purchase my offsets? At CarbonZero you can purchase offsets and send them as gifts! Try GreenNexxus, this is another […]

What Products are Worth Buying?

What green products are the best for the environment? Have you ever seen a product and questioned how much it helps the environment, society or effects the health of others? A new site called GoodGuide has just emerged. This site helps to build a comprehensive source of information on the environmental, social, and health performance […]

Water Bottle versus Tap Water

So I have had quite a few of you leave me some suggestions of what I can do to make this a better blog for everyone, and the most common feedback I am getting is, make it shorter! So I will do this, or try…I am sorry I just like to leave you a lot […]

Tips and Tools, and The Top Five

Well I hope you all enjoyed the Eating to Save the Environment posting series. I have had a few of you contact me through my email, so I thought I would share a few of their questions with everyone. a side note, I urge you to not be shy and comment on the actually posting […]

Eating to Save the Environment Part 3 (The End!!)

Okay guys, well this is the last posting in this series. For those of you who got through reading my last post, I commend you! There is a neat tool in wordpress that lets you see what terms people type in to search engines that lead them to my website. A few examples of words […]

Eating to Save the Environment Part 2

!!!Warning here folks, I am not holding back on this article. Some of the pictures and information is very disturbing!!! Hello All, Thanks for being patient with this part of the posting. This weekend was a HELL weekend, and I hope to not step foot in a hospital for a very very long time. Now, […]

Eating to Save the Environment Part 1

If you know me, you know that I love animals (and if you have read past blogs, you will know that I even love Rats). My love for animals has turned me into a vegetarian, and it is something I am very passionate about. After talking to a few successful bloggers, I have been told […]

Futureproof Your House

How to Futureproof your house After talking to an associate at a Colorado based company called Whatsworking I found out many ways to futureproof your house for under $1000. This United States based company provides practical and effective service in policy development, design consultation, and helps businesses incorporate sustainable business practices. What does futureproof mean? […]